The Color of Fall: racing green

We saw it and fell for it: racing green has become our absolute favorite shade of green, with a cool history related to racing cars, when Britain decided not to use their flag colors for their competition cars and presented their jaguar on racing green. {Hence the name!} This color makes us feel so ready for falling leaves, pumpkin pie and cozy sweaters.


Our design team got inspired by the richness and earthiness of this shade, also known as moss green or hunter green. They designed our Westbury collection inspired by it and the classic shapes that we love. Using only the best leather: vachetta {that holds its shape beautifully, making it sleek and elegant}.

M+G by Honestly WTF

M+G by… a collaboration to remember!

Some things are meant to be together: PB and jelly, summer and sunshine and classic girls and monograms. We knew something was missing, a different point of view on our classics.

We looked for a unique perspective and it was obvious: Honestly WTF is one of our favorite websites. Erica, the editor in chief is the quintessential cool girl, classic with a twist and a handwritten notes fan, she picked our her favorites and styled them, after we saw the pictures we did say: Honestly WTF!

M+G by HonestlyWTF

Monday Mantra


Chic Mobile Mules with Fashionably Lo!

Have you heard about “mobile mules”?

There’s something about discovering a new drink {and a new friend}. Today’s Toast To Type was created by Lauren of Fashionably Lo, her creativity and southern charm are contagious. And she’s the mastermind behind this Mobile Mule recipe.


Mobile Mules by Lauren

She picked a few of her favorites from our barware and personalized with sass and style, her favorites were our acacia tray for entertaining, the glass ice bucket and of course the copper mugs to make this yummy drink! Head over her blog to learn all the details and don’t miss her personalization style: we can’t get enough about her ice, ice baby!

Happy National Dog Day!

Happy National Dog Day! This is one of our favorite days of the year, when we celebrate our furry friends with treats and belly rubs. We invited our favorite corgi, Sneakers to celebrate with us with her favorite {and personalized} pet gear.

National Dog Day - Sneakers

Sneakers loves her personalized acacia dog bowl

National Dog Day - Sneakers

We went for a {fancy} walk with her Italian leather leash.  


Follow Sneakers’ adventures on her instagram @SneakersTheCorgi . Share your favorite M+G pets with #MGPets, we want to meet your furry pals!

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