Fun Cocktail Recipes with Lauren Kelp

Fun Cocktail recipes with Lauren!

Fun cocktail recipes

Today we are sharing our latest obsession – the Blood Orange Bourbon Smash. Yes, it is as good as it sounds & it’s perfect for a fun get-together with friends, a little March Madness party, or heck, to celebrate the end of a long work week.


What about this Pot of Gold cocktail? With ingredients, you probably have stored on your bar.

– Favorite gin or vodka

– Elderflower Lemonade

– Tonic

– Ice

– Lemon

– Sugar & yellow food coloring for sugared rim

Monday Mantra


Design Double Take

There are times that the lines between beauty and ugliness are thin, not mutually exclusive. Meet Karlof, a font at the convergence of beauty and ugliness. Created by Peterk Bilak of Typotheque of the Netherlands and an expert in type design.

The combination of two very different fonts that are perceived as ugly or beautiful, Karlof is the bridge between two extremes. Rather then swaying one way or another, it melds the two together harmoniously and creates a functionally font. It is approachable, simple, and very usable. It connects the grand fonts of modern Didot with the thick, outlandish Italians.

Monday Mantra


DIY Monogrammed Shoes!

Time to Make: DIY Monogrammed Shoes!

We found this perfect DIY monogrammed shoes, a perfect way to spend the weekend! Make your mark on your favorite Chucks, thanks to the lovely people of Polka Dot Chair.

DIY Monogrammed Shoes Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 5.11.28 PM

Use our Monogram Maker to start {it’s free and fabulous} and then go crazy.

You’ll need a pair of fabric sneakers.

Fabric paint



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