dishing about bridal traditions: with snippet & ink

Do you know someone who got engaged this week? If so, you need to send them to Snippet & Ink immediately. The long-standing bridal blog founded by Kathryn Grady epitomizes classic bridal style.

Below, Kathryn shares her take on bridal trends for 2013 with us, as well as her favorite way to make her mark with Mark and Graham gifts. Her bridal advice is quite spot on, if we do say so ourselves!


What do you think the top wedding style trends for 2013 will be?
This year we’ll continue to see vintage inspiration, but rather than a shabby chic look, it will be more refined and glamorous: think Old Hollywood, Great Gatsby, Downton Abbey.

What’s the most refreshing or modern take on a wedding tradition that you’ve seen?
I love seeing wedding attendants of the opposite sex – “bridesmen” and “groomsmaids” if you will. If a groom’s best friend is his sister, there’s no reason she shouldn’t stand up on his side!

What wedding tradition would you rather see go by the wayside?
Opening gifts at the bridal shower. I know it’s expected, but it always feels a little awkward for both the bride and the guests.

What is the one wedding/bridal tradition that should never disappear?
Long veils. They’re so romantic and make for the most beautiful photographs – and when else in your life will you get to wear one!

If you had one piece of advice to give to a couple who are getting married what would it be?
Try to spend as much time together at your reception as you can – it goes by so quickly, and even though you’ll want to visit with friends and family, it’s nice to look back on the evening with shared memories.

Thank you so much for sharing your perspective with us Kathryn. We’re loving your idea of bridesmen and groomsmaids!

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  • Emilia Jane

    Hear hear for less shabby chic and more glam!