Dishing about wedding traditions: 100 Layer Cake

For the next installment of our bridal expert tips, we’re tapping the lovely ladies of 100 Layer Cake. If you were ever in want of some serious wedding style inspiration, this is where you should go.

Below, 100 Layer Cake founders Jillian, Amanda and Kristina, share their take on bridal trends for 2013, as well as there favorite Mark and Graham wedding gifts. Read carefully, you’re going to want to take notes!

What do you think the top wedding style trends for 2013 will be? 

We’re already starting to see weddings with brides in pretty sparkly dresses come in, so we’d love to take that as a sign that sparkle will be even bigger in 2013. That and couples getting brighter and bolder with their palettes. Whether it’s with colorful bridesmaid dresses (would love to see them in emerald, Pantone’s color of the year!), florals or unique design elements.

What’s the most refreshing or modern take on a wedding tradition that you’ve seen? 

Elopements for sure. They’re incredibly intimate and have definitely been catching our eye recently. You can still have fun with design elements, plus spend a little more cash to have one killer dress. Just because there’s no guest list to witness you in it, doesn’t mean you can’t splurge on a gorgeous gown!

What wedding tradition would you rather see go by the way side? 

The garter toss. Don’t get us wrong we love garters, we just think this should be a more intimate moment between you and your spouse and not the whole wedding party. We could also do without the groom’s cake. We get the thought behind it, but when you’ve got such a pretty cake that compliments the rest of your wedding, we really don’t see a reason to bring in a second cake that’s completely different (or shaped like a football for that matter). We say, keep it all together pretty.

What is the one wedding/bridal tradition that should never disappear?

The first dance. This has to be one of our favorite moments from any wedding we attend or show on the blog. Sometimes we wish we could play a snippet of video from everyone’s first dance. It’s always interesting to see what song the couple chose and how they decide to dance to it. It’s the one dance where we really get to see the couple shine, have a great time, and show us moves we never knew they had.

If you had one piece of advice to give to a couple who are getting married what would it be?

You’ve heard it before, but sometimes it’s worth repeating so it can sink in. Your wedding is truly about celebrating the love between you and your spouse. If what you’re feeling deep down is a small intimate wedding of 30, or an elopement, or a 200+ wedding of everyone that’s ever known the two of you, do what feels right. Have the celebration of your love that you want! Also, hire a creatively talented photographer that vibes with you. The more comfortable you feel around them, the more beautiful your photos will come out.

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