dishing about weddings traditions with Alison Hotchkiss

If a gorgeous, exotic destination wedding is your dream, then Alison Hotchkiss, of Alison Event Planning & Design, is your girl.  She’s helped brides create their dream wedding in the most far flung corners of the world, and now she’s helping brides with her new do-it-your self workbook, All The Essentials Wedding Planner.

Alison has seen and done it all, so we’re thrilled she’s sharing a bit of her expert wedding advice and her favorite Mark and Graham gifts to give this season!


What are the top wedding style trends for 2013?

We feel that 2013 is about going back to the basics. It’s going away from the diy, crafty, and vintage and feeling more grown up. In 2013 we’ll see more black tie and stunning details that aren’t overdone but clean. Color schemes will be more of whites, taupes, neutrals. The key words we are using in event design this year are edited, refined, clean, understated  and romantic.

What’s the most refreshing or modern take on a wedding tradition that you’ve seen?

We are seeing couples embracing their surroundings and creating their own traditions. For example, we have so many couples getting married in tropical settling that are less formal but still wanting to incorporate their heritage or religious background but also wanting to embrace what is sacred of their location. It’s refreshing to let couples know that they can make up the rules and if it’s genuine and coming from the heart, it will be well received.

What wedding tradition would you rather see go by the way side?

Traditions are meant to feel special and add to the importance of the day. Anything that doesn’t feel authentic and real doesn’t need to be something you have to have. I wouldn’t cry if I never saw a receiving line again. It takes forever and it feels rushed and unauthentic to say hi to so many people in a short time.

What is the one wedding/bridal tradition that should never disappear?

Single handedly the most important tradition is the I DO’S! Reciting classic vows, in your own words, from a priest to a close friend who got officianted for the occasion…being in the moment and committing to it is by far the most important part.

If you had one piece of advice to give to a bride-to-be what would it be?

Let others help you dreams up your day with logistics. Being organized early on and be patience with yourself when starting the process. In other words, at the very least get a day of planner and once you hand over the details to that person of whomever is in charge let go and be in the moment.


We so appreciate getting the the inside scoop from Alison. Be sure to check out her favorite Mark and Graham gifts to give and get this wedding season right here.