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National Wedding Month may be coming to an end, but  don’t worry, our Tastemaker Bridal posts won’t be! We will continue to feature more great advice and insight from bridal industry insiders.

If your searching for breathtaking florals for your wedding soiree, than look no further than Natalie Bowen Designs. Natalie Brookshire is a 3rd generation floral designer and you can tell it’s in her blood! She works her magic on flowers turning them into stunning, romantic arrangements for weddings or any special occasion. Natalie offers her wedding predictions as well as her favorite Mark and Graham gifts to give this wedding season below.


What do you think the top wedding style trends for 2013 will be?

I see the dreamy-romantic trend continuing through 2013. That trend is reflected in the color palates (blush and ivory), flowers (peonies and garden roses) and dresses (Sarah Seven). I also see people continuing to steer away from DIY to a more traditional and sophisticated look.


What’s the most refreshing or modern take on a wedding tradition that you’ve seen?

My favorite guestbook idea of last year was having guests sign the couples favorite cookbook.


What wedding tradition would you rather see go by the way side?

I’d like to see people stop incorporating so many accessories into their weddings and concentrate on just a few personal more meaningful details. I like seeing consistency in wedding design but feel that so many are often overly styled.


What is the one wedding/bridal tradition that should never disappear? 

I love the connections that are not material items. As many weddings that I go to, seeing the bride be escorted down the aisle by someone special never gets old.


If you had one piece of advice to give to a couple who are getting married what would it be?

Hire vendors that you have a connection to and trust and then let them do their thing.


We loved the insight to what will be chic for this years weddings, thank you Natalie! You can find her whole list of her top Mark and Graham gift picks right here.


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