What Style are you?

Choosing the monogram that is just right for you, or for someone else for that matter, is no easy task. How do you know what suits you, or them, best?

When picking the perfect monogram it can be helpful to think about someone’s personal style. What you have in your home should reflect your taste. Think about how you dress. If you’re into mixing colors and prints or love vintage jewelry than the pieces in your home should reflect that aesthetic.  This not only also applies to a gift someone might love to receive, but the monogram they’d love to see on it!

Perhaps our new featured font, Dharma Slab, suits your style. We’ve created a monogram moodboard to help you decide!


Dharma Slab is an antiqued slab serif font, designed in 2011, but inspired by 1800s-style wood type. We love that it can take a modern or rustic turn depending on how you apply it.

Head here for our favorite options including gifts for dads and grads, your bar and table, and of course for you too!