What’s Your Style Profile?

preppy 1

There a are many things that define a persons personal style, do you know what archetype you are? Do you define your style as Classic, Rustic, Preppy, or Urban Mod?

Happy and cheerful colors and simple prints are quintessential go tos for preppy fashion as well as clean lines, modest cuts, and monograms. If this defines your style, we have just the inspiration for you! We put together some of our favorite images of preppy style, but with a bit of a twist.

preppy 3

Polka dots, oxfords, cable knit sweaters, and boat shoes are probably staples that hang in your closet. Just top with a strand of heirloom pearls and you are good to go. Strut your preppy style at the country club or while spending a day at sea on your sail boat.

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