Hey look, that mom’s got style!

Let’s give three cheers for Moms!  As Mother’s Day fast approaches, we are paying homage to mothers here at Mark and Graham in many ways.

We have gathered a collection of our favorite gifts to give, asked you to share the best advice that your mother has ever given you, and are pining over these pins on our Let’s Hear it for Mom’s Pinterest board. But today, we are focusing on their style. Click Read More for details!


moms2 moms1

Our mothers were our first fashion role modals (and still are)! Who didn’t want to sneak into their closets to try on their “too big for you” heels or rummage through their make-up so that we could look “just like mom?”

Every mother has her own style individual style. There are mothers who are Classic, Crafty, Glamorous, Modern, Minimal or On-the- Go.  Have you thought about your mom’s style profile?

Which one do you think embodies the number one lady in your life?

If you need help deciding, head right here to check out our favorite style profiles. You’ll find the perfect way to say thank you for the mark your mom left on your life!



mom photography by  we call this love on style me pretty.

Style images on Pinterest here

  • Bill Utter

    Nice clothing for mom & baby!!!!