We Are Smitten Over Stripes!

Stripes are an essential print in any wardrobe. Horizontal, vertical, hairline, thick, black & white, or red & blue we just can’t get enough of this magnificent pattern. In fact, we couldn’t imagine our lives, or closets, with out them!

Despite current infatuations with the stripe, it has not always been viewed in a positive light in history. Oh mon due!

Around 1,000 A.D., monks arrived in Paris donning brown stripped robes. They were not favorited by Parisian citizens which then associated stripes with outcasts in society. This thinking spread during the Middle Ages and only those at the wee bottom of the social ladder, think clowns and prisoners, would even dare be seen sporting stripes. If stripes are wrong, we don’t want to be right! Click Read More

Fast forward to the 1800’s. It was mandated in France during this time for all seamen to wear stripped uniforms, which brought about the Breton stripe. Over the years mind sets changed, thankfully, and stripes came back into Vogue with a vengeance.

They finally reached pattern super stardom when Coco Channel herself was spotted wearing this now chic print. Over the decades stripes have stayed a staple as trends have come and gone. They have graced A-line dresses in the 50’s, short hemmed mini dresses in the mod 60’s, bell bottoms and cropped tops in the 70’s, neon and power suits in the 80’s, grungy attire in the 90’s and  are having a major moment again.

They have been strutting down all of the runways the past few seasons, including Marc Jacobs, who’s bold, thick use of stripes has us wanting to fill our wardrobe with his show stopping pieces.

Our favorite stripped essential for this season is our new Armor Lux Long Sleeve Striped Shirt.

Pair it with head to toe neutrals, bright neons, or with another stripped piece to make a trendy, but chic statement. C’est Magnifique!

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