summer sips: the el diablo

While summer might not have officially arrived yet, let’s face it, it’s all we can think about! So we’re putting a pool-side spin on our Toast to Type series. All month long we’ll be bringing libations meant to be served in warm temps, preferably on a fabulous beach, but a backyard or patio will do too!

We’re kicking the first of our Summer Sips off with an El Diablo, a perfect recipe to add a little pep to your upcoming summer party!

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The the El Diablo is a tequila infused spin on the Moscow Mule, usually made with vodka.  For this recipe, the vodka is replaced with tequila and a little creme de cassis (a liqueur made with black currants).  It’s just as refreshing as the original Moscow Mule recipe, but with a bit of more sophisticated flavor. Served up in our Copper Mug, this cocktail begs for a strong signifier, like our font Insignia Roman.

Created in the 1930’s with round and sharp shapes it reflected the progressive spirit of the era. It’s the perfect pick for someone with a modern style who prefers bold style statements and updated spins on a classic.

You can find the perfect font to make your mark this summer in our Monogramming Guide.

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Recipe via the boys club

  • Daisy Hickman

    Years later and particularly in the summer months, I reach for the cool touch of that cocktail. If it’s on the menu somewhere, I’ll order it. If it doesn’t come in that mug, it just doesn’t taste the same.