You’ve Got Character: Lee Radziwill

Here at Mark and Graham, we love when we see others making their mark! So for a new series we’re calling You’ve Got Character, we are profiling just such people; those whose marks be they famous, infamous or simply fascinating have had a lasting impression on us.

First up, we’re pleased to present  a lady with great distinction: Lee Radziwill.


Caroline Lee Bouvier Radziwill has made her mark in may ways over the years, creating her own legacy outside that of her big sister, the late First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Click Read More below.

Mostly known for being a style icon, her impeccable fashion sense {being named to the International Best-Dressed List Hall of Fame in 1996), and interior decorating skills, Lee has also dabbled in acting, graced the cover of Life Magazine, and having infamous love affairs (Mick Jagger among them). Oh, and also being a Princess!

Although her sister and brother-in-law, JFK ,were considered American Royalty, she actually married a Polish Prince émigré during her time in England.

Lee Radziwill is a strong and perservering individual who  has out lived her sister, brother in law and sadly, her own son. Despite being the subject of many headlines over the years, some outlandish, as well as approaching 80 years of age, Lee has not faded into the background. Instead, she is flourishing and still making her mark on the world. As a recent New York Times Magazine cover story describes, around Lee wafts “that ‘something in the air’ that indicates class and courage and composure.” When she is not spotted gracing the front rows of the fashion runways, Lee is nestled in an expertly decorated and curated home in Paris, France that paints a picture of a life full of style, grace, and adventures.


We definitely feel inspired by the enduring mark she has made on the world!