What’s Your Style Profile?

Making your mark on the world has a lot to do with your personal style, but how do you know what that is? Do you think you’re more Classic, Rustic, Preppy, or maybe Modern?

Perhaps our moodboard for the classic font Duke will help you decide.

img1 0513_Loobook_Duke

Strong, sophisticated and with a bit of a masculine edge, Duke epitomizes a clean cut, straight talkin,’ confidence-filled approach to the world. The typeface was actually designed in 2007 by Bay Area-based typographer James Edmondson.

Here’s how James describes Duke’s style profile: Click Read More below

“This is a typeface inspired by the sign for The Cup & Saucer, a coffee shop in Manhattan. In the fall of 2007, Tobias Frere-Jones led a typographic walking tour in New York City…I was struck by one sign in particular, and couldn’t think of another typeface with such a combination of chutzpah and cojones.”

If you like sleek classic lines with a little bit of devil may care attitude, then our Classic Collection mixed with our font Duke is likely perfect for you!

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