Fonts of France

french fonts

Je t’aime Typographie! Pardon our French, but we can’t get the beautiful France out of our mind! Maybe because the weather is heating up so we are dreaming of lounging in the French Rivera or exploring the quaint streets of Paris, but what ever it is our Francophile day dreams are taking over!

We love typography so it’s no wonder our eyes have been fixated on fonts that would be right at home in this romantic county!

These fonts give the allure and romanticism so closely related to French culture and the city of love! They are simply c’est magnifique!


We have more of our favorite fonts right here on our Typography & Lettering Pinterest Board!!

Deco Neue via Jonatan Xavier// Sail via Font Squirrel//CF Paris via Da Font//Barambrack via Blue Vinyl Fonts// Paris via Moshik Nadav