Design Double Take


We adore ampersands! They are fun, expressive and quite practical when it gets right down to it. What would we do without this trusty logogram?

The ampersand symbol is actually a ligature for the letters et or “and” in Latin! Over the years, it has been made into abstract representation of the letters we see today. Rather than using the word “and” in logos and other design pieces, the ampersand takes its place as a much more beautiful and succinct character.

There are so many stunningly designed ampersands out there. From thick to thin, flourished or abstract and everything in between, there is a ampersand for any design endeavor you may have. We have picked just a few favorite ampersands that we are currently loving. They range from dainty to bold all the way to retro inspired!

Which ampersand strikes your fancy?! Find even more fabulous ampersand options on our Typography & Lettering Pinterest Board.


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