Martini party with Lauren Kelp!


Looking for Martini recipes?

This fabulous party idea was created by Lauren Kelp, she got together with some friends, set up a bar and tried this amazingly easy martini recipes.

Martini recipes party


For the Lavender Martini, Lauren used lavender simple syrup, vodka, lemon, ice and a little sprig. For the lemon drop martini she went with vodka, triple sec, lemon sugar and lemon peel.




Follow Lauren’s tips:

TIP 1: For your fabulous martini making party, stock your bar with an extra bottle (or two, depending on your headcount) of the main ingredient of your martinis (typically, either vodka or gin).

TIP 2: Pre pour your mixer (in our case, lemon juice) in a fun container – this allows you to keep those ugly drink containers tucked in the fridge & allows your guests to just pour, shake, and serve.

TIP 3: If you are serving martinis with garnish, have a bunch made up & out for your guests to quickly grab. This encourages your guests to garnish their cocktails, plus the look fantastically festive!

TIP 4: Have a little ice bucket (and tongs) out so you don’t have to keep running back and forth to the kitchen filling the cocktail shaker with ice. Fill up your bucket once (maybe twice) and you’ve got a self-running cocktail station!

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