10 Tips to Travel Stress free
Tips to travel stress free!!


Backpacking? Planning a lush vacation? Here are our tips to make travel easy and fun.

 Book a hotel near a business area: this makes them less expensive and easier to find public transportation.

 Use travel bags: we’re huge fans of using travel bags, they make everything easy and contained inside your suitcase.

tips to travel stress free Carry-on: whenever possible pack a carryon and forget about losing your luggage or waiting for ever in front of the carrousel, be a light traveler.

Research: research unique places, find about public transportation, look for unusual museums {usually they’re free some days of the week}. Look into cultural customs, i.e. don’t tip in Japan; some gestures in other countries are considered rude.

 Stay away from the tourist stops: look for places that the locals love {yelp might be helpful} or check the locations on instagram and related hashtags. That’s how you end up with amazing memories of your trip. 

Travel wallet: the easiest way to carry all the essentials in one place, this one is our absolute favorite. Very important tips to travel without stress, check your visas, passports, ID cards, etc. Make sure you have everything handy.

 Weekend getaway: if you’re only going for a weekend, pack a good weekender and research about the best local places to eat and hang out, don’t over pack.

4_6_Travel_Stress_Free Light and airy: pack wrinkle-free dresses, tunics and remember to roll not fold!

Eat locally: find the spots where the locals eat, diners or trattorias, cafes away from the touristic and usually mediocre food.

 Enjoy! Pack your camera, buy postcards and enjoy the ride!



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