Design Double Take

There are times that the lines between beauty and ugliness are thin, not mutually exclusive. Meet Karlof, a font at the convergence of beauty and ugliness. Created by Peterk Bilak of Typotheque of the Netherlands and an expert in type design.

The combination of two very different fonts that are perceived as ugly or beautiful, Karlof is the bridge between two extremes. Rather then swaying one way or another, it melds the two together harmoniously and creates a functionally font. It is approachable, simple, and very usable. It connects the grand fonts of modern Didot with the thick, outlandish Italians.

The fonts Karlof Positive (beautiful), Karlof negative (negative), and Karlof  neutral (combination of the two) are available in different styles for what ever mood you are in.


Font via Typotheque