One Chic Football Party
Looking for football party ideas?

The big weekend for all football fans it’s almost here, although our plan was to watch only the halftime show and the cute commercials, we love to entertain, we gathered some tips to make this ads… sorry football party super chic.

Decor: it’s a football party so let’s create a cool atmosphere!  Design your table runner to look like a football field; just spread out Con-Tact Chalkboard Contact Paper and draw yard lines with chalk and a ruler. Then leave out the chalk and let your guests strategize their own plays throughout the party, {or vote for your favorite show during halftime}.

Chic punch by Jen Pinkston

Fall Sangria {The Chic Punch!} by Jen Pinkston

Some people are naturally chic, like Jen Pinkston from The Effortless Chic {Duh!} because this is a big week for Mark and Graham we felt like we need it a little bit of punch to celebrate. She created this amazing recipe and shared it with us! Click READ MORE

Spooktacular Halloween

Halloween ideas for a great celebration!


Halloween is almost here and we cannot wait to have an un-boo-lievable celebration. For the first time ever we have a fun collection dedicated to this day, from our trick or treat bags to our skeleton dog sweater, there’s a little something for everyone!halloween ideas - bag of tricks!


To make the best out this night we found a few DIY projects, recipes and decor tips to make it as cool and scary as you want it to be!

Create the perfect Halloween setting with the easiest DIY by Say Yes


Fall Entertaining

Tips for Fall Entertaining.



Bonfires, pumpkins patches, apple picking and celebrations at home, it must be fall. We love dinner parties and getting together with friends to celebrate this season.

We’ve rounded up a few tips to make this fall entertaining easy as a sunday morning!

1. Spice things up with a new cocktail recipe: get creative with a new signature drink {you’re welcome to check our Toast To Type category} think along the lines of keeping your guests warm, spiked hot chocolate or a hot toddy. Or glam up and serve a coffee martini in our new martini glasses! 

Be {the best} guest!


We love to entertain and host dinner parties, but what about the moments when we become the guests? Summer is the best season for invitations to come over and we want to make sure to be invited again {and to make the host’s life a little bit easier} here’s our 5 tips to make your visit a great experience.

Be aware: you’re about to impact a routine so let your host know what to expect, always have a pre-visit chat and let her know if you’re going alone or with someone else {that also includes pets, ask if that’s a pet-friendly home}.  Let your host knows if you have any plans or something that you really want to see or visit, that gives her a heads up about mapping and planning the weekend.


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