Merci, Gracias, Danke- The art of the Thank You Note!

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Wedding season is slowly coming to a close and many brides and grooms are settling in after honeymoon bliss, which means it’s time to start thinking about writing out those thank you cards! Add an extra special touch by monogramming your stationary for a personalized feel. If you can’t hand delivery your cards, at least your moniker can stand in your place!

Whether you’re a bride, birthday girl, or have a little one on the way, it’s important to master the art of the Thank You card! Sharing your gratitude for gift giving shows you appreciate the givers thoughtfulness- actions speak louder than words after all!

make dad’s day extra special this year!

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Did you know Father’s Day is a scant two weeks away?? Thankfully, there’s still time to pick up something fun and unexpected for dad this year!

Instead of the old standards of a grilling tool set or socks, why not get Dad something he’d love but would likely never get for himself??

how to write a great thank you note!


With graduation season wrapping up, it’s now Thank You Card season!

You cannot underestimate the power of a hand written thank you card. Sure, emails and texts can suffice for an everyday kind gesture, but when you receive a gift marking a momentous occasion, only a classic thank you note will suffice.

But don’t fret – writing a thoughtful thank you doesn’t have to be stressful. There are three simple keys to a great thank that are quick and easy.


mother knows best!

Moms are always so full of wise words. Last Mother’s Day we collected some of our favorite moms’ advice – this year we want to hear yours!


Can you add to the list above? What was the one thing that your mom always said that sticks in your head to this day? Something that got you out of a jam? Or perhaps a philosophy that inspires you even in your darkest hours.

Head to our Facebook page to leave a comment with your mom’s wisest words and you just might see them on Mark and!! And for even more motherly love, be sure to check out our Let’s Celebrate Moms Pinterest Board.

Making your Mark on Instagram!

As all the gifts have been opened and the loads of wrapping paper are scooped up off the floor, it’s such a treat to see so many amazing photos from Mark and Graham gift givers and receivers on Instagram! We love finding out how you’ve chosen to Make Your Mark this holiday season and we love seeing all the photos in our #markandgraham #makeyourmark gallery! Feel free to join in by snapping a pic of how you make your mark with the Instagram tag #markandgraham. You just might see your snap right here!

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