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At M&G we celebrate Valentine’s Day by sharing the things we love,
from our pets to our kids {even handbags and shoes} we have a few favorites
that makes our hearts skip a beat, things {and beings} that makes us smile.


“I love rowing when the water is flat and sun is shining!”


“I love sunday mornings in bed with my husband and our pug Lola”

Just my Type: Rachel Rogers


When drawing meets monogram, something magical happens; ask Rachel Rogers about it. She’s a New York-based artist known for her playful bespoke heraldry. After following her on instagram @RachelRogersDesign we knew that we had to meet her. We spent an amazing afternoon hanging out with her, learning about her unique approach to monograms, crests, stationary and we  must say: she’s not only an amazing artist, she’s super cool,  just our type. 

When did you start designing monograms and crests? 


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