The best Mom advice!
Mom advice: always accurate, always right.

We asked our team for the best advice they have received from mom, aunts, grandmas and every single mother figure. We went from lovely pieces of life wisdom to fun tidbits of motherly words. There’s a lot of truth when Diane Von Fustenberg said “Moms are the most influential person on our lives” because of their infinite love and patience we grow up and become the adults they expected us to be.

Mark and Graham’s moms are funny, sweet and definitely a great source of knowledge, this is for them!

Mom Advice

Happy National Puppy Day!
Happy National Puppy Day!

This is the best day of the year, when we get to celebrate tiny furry faces and the wonderful moments we share with them. Here’s a collection of the pups that stole our hearts, share yours using #mymarkandgraham and #MGpets.

National Puppy Day


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Join our Easter Egg Hunt
Easter Egg Hunt-GraphicBanner
Easter Egg Hunt {for grownups}

Easter will be hopping here soon and we’re getting ready to celebrate with our own kind of egg hunt. We will hide colorful eggs with a treat for you throughout our site and you’ll get hints on our emails. Sign up, play with us, share it with your friends and be ready for the golden egg!


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Our Spring Collection is Here!
Say hello to our Spring Collection!

Spring is in the air, colorful and vibrant. We’re suckers for this season and we wanted to live it to the fullest so our early spring is filled with joy and style, classic shapes and lively colors.

Instead of any tricks up our sleeve we have our new acrylic cuff, with a classic monogram and color block and just a touch of gold, it’s the uber cool statement piece for the season.

Spring Collection

The rope bracelet showcases your monogram or personalization with a pop of color, perfect for everyday chic.


Très Chic Monogram Moment
Chic monogrammed linens are a thing!

chic monogrammed linens

There’s something special about having something as beautiful as linens monogrammed. They might be a vintage embroidered one letter or a modern circle block. The important thing is to make your mark yours no matter what. We are all about chic monogrammed linens.

Confused about when and where?

tradition says:
Use three-letter initials in the middle of the top sheet and single initials on shams.

M+G says
Use acronyms for the text- and twitter-friendly—or something unexpected.


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