Toast To Type: The Sparkling Blackberry




Today’s Toast To Type it’s all about continuing the merriment and celebration. We love brunch and we know that after that incredibly yummy holiday dinner you’ll feel like relaxing with a mimosa but with some twist, we find this amazing recipe from Drinks for Drinkers and we must say: it’s all about celebration and taste!

Check the full recipe in Drinks For Drinkers. 

Toast To Type: The Gingerbread Martini

gingerbread martini

toast-to-type-gingerbreadWhile thoughts of Sugar Plums maybe dancing in your head, we have our sights set on something a little sweeter: gingerbread cookies! These tasty little morsels have us antsy for the the annual cookie swap party to roll around every year.

However, this holiday season we decided to put more of a grown up twist on our favorite treat. Served up in a martini glass or in our French Medallion Glass, a Gingerbread Martini is perfect for slowly sipping at your next holiday party! Glassware monogrammed with the flirty and sophisticated Shelley Allegro font makes a sweet and sassy play on the naughty but nice cocktail.

Toast To Type: Chamomile Hot Toddy

toast to type-camomile hot toddy
toast to type chamomile hot toddy 2toast to type 3


When it comes to Fall it is ALL about cozy, comfy and keeping warm! Same goes for the cocktails served once Autumn’s chill sets in. Spice heavy and soul warming, the drinks this time of year may just be our favorite!

We recently spied and cannot wait to toast to the changing leaves with this Chamomile Hot Toddy from Honestly Yum! If you have’t had a Hot Toddy before, you are missing out big time! Made with hot tea, lemon, sweet honey, and a kick via a splash of whiskey- this recipe is simple, but really hits the spot during sweater season.  It’s the one drink that’s even touted as ok while nursing a cold!

TOAST TO TYPE: Rum Cider Punch Recipe

toast to type rum cider

toast to type rum cider 2


toast to type rum cider 3

Although glimpses of Fall are slowly starting to show, temperatures are not quite ready to dip to sweater weather just yet (it was 100+ in LA last weekend, phew!). But if, like us, you can’t wait to enjoy the flavors of Fall, then we have the drink to wet-your-whistle with!

The Rum Cider Punch from Versus From My Kitchen combines the complex spices found in a traditional hot apple cider with the cool and refreshing juices of summer cocktail recipes. It’s the perfect transition from one season to the next. Combining chilled apple cider, thyme, tart lemon and a bit of fizz, this is a great libation to imbibe on the front porch or with the windows thrown open with a cool breeze blowing through!

Free Font Friday

more free fonts It’s been a little while since we had a Free Font Friday, but as everyone has their weekend escapes on the brain, we couldn’t help but immediately fall in love these wonderful place-based fonts!

Being based in San Francisco, all of these Northern California destinations are near and dear to our hearts. We’d visit every single one this weekend if we could! At least we can download each and every one of the fabulous fonts.

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