A brilliant Hanukkah celebration!

hanukkah celebrationIt’s time for a Hanukkah Celebration!

Hanukkah is a celebration filled with laughs, gifts and good food.

“Deep- or shallow-fried dishes like jelly doughnuts and potato latkes abound, serving as a delicious reminder of the “miracle of the oil” at the heart of the Hanukkah story, when a single day’s worth of oil kept the Temple flame alight for a full eight days” According to Food Network.

As any celebration, we love to find new ways to make it easier on the host and fun for all. We loved this twist on traditional recipes, these latkes are the yummiest!

Thanksgiving Essentials

Looking for Thanksgiving Ideas?


Set a gorgeous table, cook a lovely {and easy meal} and enjoy the most wonderful holiday with your loved ones.

  • Setting the table: define your style, do you want an elegant dinner? Some southern charm? A glam gluten free feast? Find a menu that’s yummy and easy to prepare, think ahead {and prep!} and here are some of our favorite side dishes for a classic Thanksgiving Dinner.


  • Find your mark: if you’re hosting, the monogrammed napkins are a nice touch for a classic setting or our letterpress napkins for a fun, easy going party {think hasthags #turkeyday #thankful #stuffed!}
Très Chic Monogram Moment

Make your mark and wear your Monogram.

Monograms are a huge part of Mark and Graham, we believe in wearing our marks {why wear anyone else’s name when you can wear your own, right?} From our monogram maker to wearing your mark IRL there’s only a few clicks.

Here are our favorite #mymarkandgraham moments, featured on our Instagram.

Fall pillows styling by HGTV Gardens


Britt and Whit,  showing their fall style featuring our everyday leather clutch.


Monograms, monograms everywhere.


Julia Dzafic from Lemon Stripes with her tangerine Elisabetta slouch.

Fall Recipes: our favorites!

Fall recipes for every occasion, from lazy breakfast to dinner parties.


Fall is our favorite season and we are always looking for fall recipes to make this season even yummier!

Oh pumpkin, you can see the PSL season blooming and we can’t wait to make these pumpkin pie waffles, the recipe from Williams Sonoma it’s sweet and perfect for those lazy mornings. The waffles are made with the same spices used for pumpkin pie along with sour cream for smoothness.

The Color of Fall: racing green

We saw it and fell for it: racing green has become our absolute favorite shade of green, with a cool history related to racing cars, when Britain decided not to use their flag colors for their competition cars and presented their jaguar on racing green. {Hence the name!} This color makes us feel so ready for falling leaves, pumpkin pie and cozy sweaters.


Our design team got inspired by the richness and earthiness of this shade, also known as moss green or hunter green. They designed our Westbury collection inspired by it and the classic shapes that we love. Using only the best leather: vachetta {that holds its shape beautifully, making it sleek and elegant}.