Design Double Take

There are times that the lines between beauty and ugliness are thin, not mutually exclusive. Meet Karlof, a font at the convergence of beauty and ugliness. Created by Peterk Bilak of Typotheque of the Netherlands and an expert in type design.

The combination of two very different fonts that are perceived as ugly or beautiful, Karlof is the bridge between two extremes. Rather then swaying one way or another, it melds the two together harmoniously and creates a functionally font. It is approachable, simple, and very usable. It connects the grand fonts of modern Didot with the thick, outlandish Italians.

Summer Sips

summer sips

Memorial Day has come and gone, but we are just getting started on our countless barbecues, beach days, picnics, and outdoor parties that are the quintessential mark of Summer. With all of these entertaining moments that lay ahead, it’s imperative to have a stash of go-to cocktail recipes, and cocktail glasses, for whenever you find yourself playing host.
These drinks are simple and easy without any obscure ingredients. On a hot summers day when you may have unexpected guests, the last thing you want is having to play bartender the whole time with a pile of complicated ingredients. The most difficult thing is simple syrup which is, we’ll, simple to make. The drinks can be scaled to make enough for a party just double or even quadruple if you are having a Fourth of July bash! The alcohol can be omitted to make thirst-quenching drinks for the kiddies. People maybe will be popping over more often once they taste one of these sinful and simple Summer sips! Click read more for all the lip smacking drinks.

Design Double Take

Beautiful typography always takes our breath away. We found this design double take that mixes the natural prettiness of every season with the perfectly balanced typeface. Follow our Typography board on Pinterest to find the best {and sometimes free! fonts}

seasons typography

How to pack for a summer picnic by Lauren Kelp!

Pack for a summer picnic



No matter if you are picnicking in a park downtown or alongside a lake in the country, packing the perfect supplies is essential. No one wants to Mcgyver a bottle opener or be stuck without a blanket, so running through a quick checklist before you set out is essential. Take it from someone who has forgotten many essential things (many times) on a picnic, this is a mistake you don’t want to make.

Here is our check list:

Outdoor Entertaining with Black Southern Belle!

Outdoor entertaining, southern style!

View More:

Summer is just around the corner, having fun outdoor is on the top of the list, but nothing beats a classic porch soireé. We partnered with Black Southern Belle to throw a fun party just in time for the Derby!

Outdoor Entertaning

We asked Michiel to share her favorite things about entertaining:

I am from the South so entertaining is in my DNA, especially outdoor entertaining. Nothing makes me happier than hosting friends and family on my porch and setting a unique table with uniquely southern drinks and cocktails. 


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