It’s game time

Let the hype begin!

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The Big Game is close and we know you, you want to throw an awesome party and have fun with it, what we love most about this season is the halftime show (just kidding, we also watch some of the game, right?)  No matter if you’re a diehard Seahawks fan or your blood is blue, red and you love Tom Brady. This is the type of day when you make great appetizers and fire up your grill, so you will have time to watch Katy Perry halftime show, laugh at the commercials and celebrate the big win.

Tailgating in Style with Claiborne & Lime

How do you make tailgating female friendly (read: a little more elegant?) Antoinette of Claiborne & Lime has been sharing so much lovely entertaining advice, recipes, and styling tips and is back to share with us just one more stunning party: you guessed it, a tailgating party! She NAILED making it a dream for both guys and girls! There’s the typical fare: sliders, drinks, and football, but the sophistication and chic factor are turned way up!


tailgating 2

tailgating 3

tailgating 4

Wonderful Winterware!


The seasons are a changin’! The crisp, chilly air is getting colder by the day and the nights are getting longer. It’s time to start rocking your Winterware!

Mastering the art of layering and bundling while still remaining cute is the key thing to master during the Winter months! Scarves are our best friends all year round, but are a necessity when January comes, keeping our necks warm and our outfits ultra fashionable. Grab one in a fun print or soft fabric that will just wrap you in coziness. Boots are Winters shoe of choice! High, low, ankle, bootie, all types are adorned and love this season to keep the chill away!

Bring it on 2015!

2015 manifesto

It’s almost 2015, we are sitting here writing our New Year’s resolutions. It’s been an amazing year filled with great typography, lots of stitching, bright colors and monograms plus amazing food, drinks and people. Now it is time to plan for the next year and we’re focusing on being well, being healthy and ready to break old habits. So we are ready for 2015 with our manifesto and we invite you to share yours with us!

2015 M+G Manifesto

Be well and shine: exercise and eating healthy makes you live longer, makes your skin brighter and improves your mood (like when you’re shopping for a new bag)

Holiday Table with Little Green Notebook!


GN holiday table 5 LGN Holiday table LGN holiday table 2 LGN Holiday Table 3 LGN Holiday Table 4
We wanted to share the stunning holiday table Little Green Notebook put together a couple years ago for the holidays! It still feels fresh and it is one of our favorites to this day!

Forgoing the usual red & green motif, Jenny went with a vibrant array of jewel tones! A mix of saturated hues and pastels is a modern take on Christmas colors, we love the fresh perspective!

The blue china is paired perfectly with the blue monogrammed napkins! The modern monogrammed font contrasts the traditional china beautifully!