Tricks for Chic Labor Day Entertaining


mark and grahma rueLabor Day will be here this weekend. Can you believe it?! We are holding onto those warm Summer nights and the al fresco dinners that accompany them just a wee bit longer, enjoying every last second Summer has to offer – aren’t you?!

This weekend we will be setting out our trays full of tasty goodies and cheeseboards overflowing with delicious charcuterie as the grill heats up. Why not go nautical for your Labor Day soiree by using monogrammed seersucker napkins in fun, poppy colors!

Pinspiration: Travel!

pinspiration TravelFrom Bali to Capri, Hawaii to Paris, even though summer is winding down our Pinspiration has us jet setting to all corners of the globe – there is a whole week left before Labor Day after all!

Travel is something so essential to a well-lifed life. Experiencing new sights, ideas and cultures through world exploration allows for growth and expands our understanding of different places and people, not too mention offers up all of the beautiful views and delectable food!

Travel is the only thing we can think of where spending money on it, will make you richer. Don’t you agree?!

Free Shipping for the last of Summer’s Celebrations!


Oh Summer, how marvelous you have been, yet how quickly you have passed! We hardly knew thee! Labor Day is next weekend (!!) so we have last Summer soirees and BBQ’s on our mind.

Although Fall does not officially start until September 23rd, we can’t help but lament Summer’s fleeting days now. Labor Day marks the unofficial wind down of the warm season and the end to outdoor parties and celebrations (ho hum!). Luckily we have an extra long weekend to enjoy el fresco dining with friends and family!

We Spy: cheeky monogrammed pillows

M+G bedding

Kirsten Grove, of the interior design blog Simply Grove recently featured our monogrammed pillowcases in her ultra modern and ultra chic bedroom! The minimalist modern design, complete with hashtag, looks divine paired with her bright white Geo Matelasse Quilt! While the monogram comes in many colors, we love how Kirsten stuck to a neutral gray to compliment her serene and modern space. 

Our monogrammed shams  personalize any room and lets your significant other know what side of the bed is yours. We love the idea of adding a cheeky hashtag to your pillows, whether a special date, saying or inside joke, it’s a modern touch on traditional monogramming!

Chic is in Session!!

back to school

With Summer slowly coming to a close it can only mean one thing: the Fall semester is upon us! Whether you’re college bound or a mother of a soon-to-be-student, it’s time to start thinking about those back-to-school essentials!

What it takes to survive a year in college is rather different than a student has experienced before.

Perseverance, organization, cohabiting with a roommate (or two!), and let’s not forget style! When it comes to being prepped for success in college, it’s important to think about tools to keep you focused, organized and looking good!