Monogram vs Personalization, a guide

Thinking about celebrating a milestone with a monogram? Or do you think it should be something personalized instead? With our personalization and monogramming guide we want to make it easy for you to decide, so we have some tips to make the best of both worlds.

Choose your words: the best thing about personalized gifts is that you can use your recently acquired last name or your new address, a pet name or you might want to make the distinction between your water and wine carafes.


Très Chic Monogram Moment


Oh sailor! This beautiful room is just the perfect summer portrait: nautical navy lines, little boat and a big monogram, for more chic monogram moments don’t miss our Monogram Everything pinterest board.

Don’t miss our new arrivals  welcome {summer} and let’s play outside.

Monday Mantra


We {love} Royal Monograms


You are aware of our love for monograms, they’re the essence of a name and they can mean many things: the beginning of a family or your individuality.  Monograms are expressing something modern, and at the same time full of curves and small details giving a regal feel.


First, let’s define monogram: “a motif of two or more interwoven letters, typically a person’s initials, used to identify a personal possession or as a logo”  A few centuries back different monarchies decided it to mark their armory with their initial.  But in the Victorian era — during the reign of the British Queen Victoria — the tendency really kicked off and monograms turned into symbols of aristocracy.

Kit Hinrichs AlphaChrome

Alpha_Twitter 2
We just debuted our new AlphaChrome collection, a beautiful modern interpretation of original alphabet cards. We talked to the mastermind behind this amazing design, Kit Hinrichs. An avid collector, flags memorabilia fanatic and always looking to make the world a more aesthetic pleasing place. His passion for typography and love for all things unique that made this typeface such an inspired design.

Kit told us that he was inspired by his collection of Victorian Alphabet Postcards to bring the tradition into the 21st Century. He saw the need for a postcard revival.  Using a 70’s typeface called “Stacks” and lots of international patterns that include italian marble to japanese prints,  Hinrichs’ design studio made this collection of postcards that later became our newest addition for home and office.