Chic Mobile Mules with Fashionably Lo!

Have you heard about “mobile mules”?

There’s something about discovering a new drink {and a new friend}. Today’s Toast To Type was created by Lauren of Fashionably Lo, her creativity and southern charm are contagious. And she’s the mastermind behind this Mobile Mule recipe.


Mobile Mules by Lauren

She picked a few of her favorites from our barware and personalized with sass and style, her favorites were our acacia tray for entertaining, the glass ice bucket and of course the copper mugs to make this yummy drink! Head over her blog to learn all the details and don’t miss her personalization style: we can’t get enough about her ice, ice baby!

Monogram Everything

Monogram the bridal shower, the wedding celebration and the new home.

We love monograms and they give a unique touch to any celebration; we’re picking out our favorite styles to seamlessly include your new {YAY!} monogram in your wedding celebration, {pre, during and post!}.

Tabletops: from the napkins to the cups! If you’re having a small wedding you can give the champagne glasses as party favors with your guests initials {we suggest this if your wedding is for 30 people tops!}


Monogram vs Personalization, a guide

Thinking about celebrating a milestone with a monogram? Or do you think it should be something personalized instead? With our personalization and monogramming guide we want to make it easy for you to decide, so we have some tips to make the best of both worlds.

Choose your words: the best thing about personalized gifts is that you can use your recently acquired last name or your new address, a pet name or you might want to make the distinction between your water and wine carafes.


Très Chic Monogram Moment


Oh sailor! This beautiful room is just the perfect summer portrait: nautical navy lines, little boat and a big monogram, for more chic monogram moments don’t miss our Monogram Everything pinterest board.

Don’t miss our new arrivals  welcome {summer} and let’s play outside.

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