Free Font Friday

matilde free font friday

Matilde is a hairline font that’s flirty and fun! While it’s a condensed font, it’s still easy on the eyes. Elegant yet very approachable, it is a multipurpose type that can fill different roles depending on how it is used.

Headings, magazines, children’s materials, posters,and logos are all suitable for using the Matilde Font. We can just picture this light-hearted type used as the title to a children’s book! How would you use this playful free font?!

More font and lettering eye candy are right this way on our Typography & Lettering Pinterst Board!

Easy Peasy Entertaining with Melamine!

outddor entertainingcanoe picnic
Although Labor Day has come and gone, did you know that Fall is not officially here until September 23rd?! Rejoice in a few extra weeks of Summer sun by spending scarcely a moment indoors! Hop on a bike for a ride, explore all the lush parks in your city and have as many dinners on the patio as possible!

Melamine servingware allows you to entertain outdoors in style, without all of the hassle of using your usual (breakable!) dinner plates. Let’s be honest, paper plates are convenient for picnics and parties, but they are no where close to chic! Melamine plates and platters are functional and are your bridge between chic and convenient!

Free Font Friday

more free fonts It’s been a little while since we had a Free Font Friday, but as everyone has their weekend escapes on the brain, we couldn’t help but immediately fall in love these wonderful place-based fonts!

Being based in San Francisco, all of these Northern California destinations are near and dear to our hearts. We’d visit every single one this weekend if we could! At least we can download each and every one of the fabulous fonts.

Still searching for your perfect type?? Have you given our FREE Monogram Maker a try? It helps you find the monogram that was meant just for you!

Our Buyer’s Favorite: Pet!

buyer favorite pet

Doesn’t man’s best friend deserve a bit of pampering?! Treat your four legged buddy for their unwavering loyalty with a bit of luxury!

Personalize your pooch’s world with a monogrammed accessory or comfy bed! From Italian leather dog leashes, collars, sleek glass bowls, to bright enamel dog tags, and the the ULTIMATE dog bed, we have your pet covered from head to paw!

Your puppy pal never looked so cute!

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Images via our Puppy Pals Pinterst Board.

We Spy: cheeky monogrammed pillows

M+G bedding

Kirsten Grove, of the interior design blog Simply Grove recently featured our monogrammed pillowcases in her ultra modern and ultra chic bedroom! The minimalist modern design, complete with hashtag, looks divine paired with her bright white Geo Matelasse Quilt! While the monogram comes in many colors, we love how Kirsten stuck to a neutral gray to compliment her serene and modern space. 

Our monogrammed shams  personalize any room and lets your significant other know what side of the bed is yours. We love the idea of adding a cheeky hashtag to your pillows, whether a special date, saying or inside joke, it’s a modern touch on traditional monogramming!