Free Font Friday

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Always on the lookout for marvelous fonts with character, we love it when we spot a free one! Fonts take time and we appreciate all the hard work that goes into creating the varying fonts that are used just about everywhere you look.

However, sometimes we need to get an idea if a style of type fits in for a heading here or this font looks good places right there! Buying every font we need, and adore, would set us back considerably so we love when we come across beautiful fonts that we can utilize for free!

Toast To Type: Rum Apple Cider Old Fashioned

toast to type apple cide old fashioned


Here’s to winter with this rum cocktail recipe.

Winter is here and making us shiver, but we are taking time to cheers to this fleeting season! These flavors are rich, bright, and spicy and meld well in both dishes and drinks! For today’s mingling of our passion for typography and a good drink we are staying warm in this weather with one last apple drink: The Rum Apple Cider Old Fashioned!

Serve in a Gold Rimmed DOF, a twist on the traditional vessel for an Old Fashioned.

The brilliant Kristin of Design x Design mixed up this apple based Old Fashioned.
Image and Recipe via Design x Design

Design Double Take

fabric lettertypography

Oh typography!

Everyday objects and nature have been used multitudes of times in art pieces, but we have stumbled upon installations that use them in a what that caught our attention- with ingenuity and typography! These found objects, natural elements, and commonplace items are transformed into typographical works of art. The impressive instillations were created by the talented artist and set designer Nicola Yeoman.

Nicola is a master of set design for editorial and advertising campaigns so her typography are just one of her stunning accomplishments. Stacked chairs pile upon one another to micmic a D, with focus on perspective and negative space. Flowing fabric is delicately formed into the iconic New York Times logo, creating an ethereal and  dreamy image. Type never looked so cool!

Très Chic Monogram Moment


Nothing more luxurious than monogrammed towels. We love how Cassie from Hi.Sugarplum re-did her bathroom and used a classic monogram for her super plush towels. 


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