Toast To Type: The Gingerbread Martini

gingerbread martini

toast-to-type-gingerbreadWhile thoughts of Sugar Plums maybe dancing in your head, we have our sights set on something a little sweeter: gingerbread cookies! These tasty little morsels have us antsy for the the annual cookie swap party to roll around every year.

However, this holiday season we decided to put more of a grown up twist on our favorite treat. Served up in a martini glass or in our French Medallion Glass, a Gingerbread Martini is perfect for slowly sipping at your next holiday party! Glassware monogrammed with the flirty and sophisticated Shelley Allegro font makes a sweet and sassy play on the naughty but nice cocktail.

Toast To Type: The Dark & Stormy

toast-to-type-dark and stormy

toast-to-type-dark and stormy 2
toast-to-type-3 copyToday’s Toast To Type is appropriate for November! It’s dark, stormy deliciously moody: we are talking about the Dark & Stormy of course! The Life Styled mixed up this perfect seasonal concoction that is one of our ALL time favorite cocktails!

She added a twist to the traditional recipe with unexpected ingredients. In place of the lime, she added in a tart lemon squeeze. Getting creative, she added in ginger for a zing and to keep warm in the Fall chill. Lastly, some thyme for subtle earthy, herbal undertones.

Design Double Take

Beautiful, serene and content. Looking at this gorgeous image we felt all these things! A peaceful moment was captured and then enhanced with scrolling calligraphy and a thought-provoking quote. We love the way the words flow like thoughts and follow the contours of the subject!

Part of the Silhouettes Project was started as a way for hand letterer Pommel Lane to be more free flow with her lettering. As part of the project she selects images of anything, people, things in nature, something she sees on a daily walk and applies her wonderful lettering technique to it. We think it is a gorgeous project and we can’t wait to see more lovely lettered silhouettes!

Free Font Friday


This week, we spied three free fonts over on I Am The Lab, one of our go-to sites for design inspiration and serious design envy, that have us swooning! Big and bold, or thin and wispy, these fonts are unmistakably modern and au courant, don’t you agree?

The hairline Andres is a bit futuristic and a little Art Deco that could be used for a myriad of projects like logos and headers. Adventura is bold and walks the fine line between serif and san-serif beautifully. It’s be a great font for announcement: like a housewarming party, new arrival or graduation. Simplifica, condensed and narrow would be fabulous paired with a bold san serif to create beautiful contrast for invitations or signs.

Design Double Take


toast type cookie type
Does life imitate type or does type imitate life?? You decide after looking at these tasty typography-inspired images! They are super fun food pics show how the Abelina font can be manipulated in works of (tasty!) art!

Abelina is a script typeface that beautifully mirrors certain features of  handwriting gestures! While we certainly love the font on it’s own, this creative use has us hungry for good type and treats!

More delicious lettering awaits on our Typography & Lettering Pinterest Board!

Edible typography via Six n Five Studio