Design Double Take

There are times that the lines between beauty and ugliness are thin, not mutually exclusive. Meet Karlof, a font at the convergence of beauty and ugliness. Created by Peterk Bilak of Typotheque of the Netherlands and an expert in type design.

The combination of two very different fonts that are perceived as ugly or beautiful, Karlof is the bridge between two extremes. Rather then swaying one way or another, it melds the two together harmoniously and creates a functionally font. It is approachable, simple, and very usable. It connects the grand fonts of modern Didot with the thick, outlandish Italians.

Mother’s Day Favorites by Laura Boswell
Celebrate mom by helping her relax!

Laura from Walking in Memphis in High Heels shared her favorites from Mark and Graham and how she loves to be a Mommy:

160429b_RelaxMom_Salev2 copyI’m a first time mom to a blonde haired, blue eyes rambunctious little girl, Leighton. Being a mom is hard work, and I would date to say the hardest job there is out there! It’s hard to sometimes make time for ourselves when we have the kids, dogs and husband and everyone else to take care of. This Mother’s I’m looking forward to relaxing with some breakfast in bed and then a spa day. Mark & Graham has all the products to help you relax and celebrate mom this Mother’s Day.

Our Favorite Gifts for Mom
Here are the team picks for our favorite gifts for Mom!

With the help of our favorite lifestyle experts we’ve picked the gifts for every type of mom, stylish or classic you’ll find something perfect for them at our Mother’s Day Shop. 

For the stylish mom 

Our favorite gifts for Mom

Bamboo Hobo in White, Ashley’s Favorite from {Chicville USA}, made for traveling and everyday chic.


Our Daily Tote in blush, {pic by Sugar and Charm}


Our saddle leather crossbody bag {pic by Lemon Stripes}

For the hostess with the mostest


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Winter Wonderland Weddings
Winter Wedding Ideas

We gathered some winter wedding ideas for a classic bride. 

Bid day ahead? Winter weddings are beautiful and filled with endless decoration possibilities. The snow and white background give you the perfect setting for a dream-like day.

Be resourceful, use your surroundings as part of your decoration, with lights you can create a unique atmosphere.

To have and to hold in case you get cold:   Personalized blankets make great party favors with your wedding date or initials.

Make it personal with monogrammed matchboxes or even unique sugar cookies. 


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