our buyers share their favorite trends!

Spring is the season for picnics, bike rides and Seersucker! When our buyers were setting the tone for this season’s all new collection they had two things in mind – fun + color!

One of our favorite classic springtime looks is Seersucker, and it is coming back in an all new way! No longer just for seaside weddings, this traditional fabric is becoming more versatile for everyday wear, accessories and even home decor!

Modern Easter Egg DIY’s

As the Easter Bunny gears up to make his annual visit, we’ve rounded up all the last- minute egg DIY’s for you try before this Easter Sunday.

Are you a fan of a clean modern aesthetic when it comes to decorating your home? You shouldn’t have to give that up when it comes to decorating for the holidays. This Easter, bypass that green cellophane grass and pastel… everything! Grab a few simple supplies and eggs of course, and you will be ready for a handmade, modern Easter.
modern easter eggs colorful

sweet Easter Treats

easterbrunchmandgMgram-Easter Treats

Easter is hopping upon us quick! Do you know what is on your menu for brunch or dinner on Easter Day? You may not eat candy out of plastic eggs anymore, but that doesn’t mean your guests can’t indulge in some Easter sweets!

Post brunch or as an after dinner treat, these tasty sweets can be served no matter what time of day you are hosting! There is something for everyone’s tastes: tarts, cakes, fruity and creamy desserts. We can’t wait to dive in on Easter Day!


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trés chic monogram moment


It’s no secret that we are smitten with green! This stunning bedroom, which we spied on the PB Teen’s Tumblr, with its bold and energizing color combo has us particularly giddy this week.

The vibrant greens are perfectly paired with accents of black and white. The contrasting neutral tones balance the bright colors beautifully. We love the crispness of the sheets and casual chic monogram against the green chinoiserie-covered headboard. Whoever lays their heads  on the those swoon-worthy personalized shams must sleep well at night.

Photo via Pottery Barn Teen Tumblr

Design Double Take

G type

Along with baseball and football, golf is one of America’s most favorite pass times. Less physical and more strategic, we see it as a great way to bond with your friends and coworkers as you traverse 18 holes.

We spied this ingenious mini-golf course via Taxi  and immediately thought the design was a-hole-in-one! At this put-put course, each hole is designed to look like a letter in the alphabet. That’s right, there are 26 mini courses to play, 8 extra holes of fun to practice the perfect putt!