thinking green with great style


We’re feeling mighty green today! Did you know that only 6% of all plastic waste in the United States is recycled?? There are myriad ways you can make a difference – from something as simple as switching your incandescent lightbulbs to LEDs or spending two minutes less in the shower, even the smallest actions can add up to make a big difference. 

Here are a few ways for you to conserve today, beautifully of course!


~ How to upcycle items around your house to set a lovely table via Lonny Magazine

trés chic monogram moment



This lux bathroom is looking fab thanks to the pop of those monogrammed towels in a vibrant kelly green. The room, designed by Traci Zeller Designs, puts a glamorous spin on the idea of a bathroom by mixing retro wallpaper, high gloss lacquer furniture and sleek chrome to give this space a modern and decidedly gentlemanly vibe!

From top to bottom we’re loving it. Trés chic indeed!!



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Image via Traci Zeller

Your Easter Sunday Soundtrack!


Gathering of the family, brunch, chocolate bunnies, and wee ones on an egg hunt are all marks of the perfect Easter celebration. Oh and of course, marshmallow peeps; they are essential! But with all the preparation for the holiday, it’s easy to forget a playlist for the day, but don’t fret. We’ve gone ahead and done that bit for you!

If your headed to an Easter Brunch tomorrow, bring along a dish and this set of toe-tapping tunes and you’ll be at the top of everyone’s favorite-guest list. Throw the playlist on while the kids are hunting for their Easter Egg bounty for a fun and upbeat holiday!

our buyers share their favorite trends!

Spring is the season for picnics, bike rides and Seersucker! When our buyers were setting the tone for this season’s all new collection they had two things in mind – fun + color!

One of our favorite classic springtime looks is Seersucker, and it is coming back in an all new way! No longer just for seaside weddings, this traditional fabric is becoming more versatile for everyday wear, accessories and even home decor!

Modern Easter Egg DIY’s

As the Easter Bunny gears up to make his annual visit, we’ve rounded up all the last- minute egg DIY’s for you try before this Easter Sunday.

Are you a fan of a clean modern aesthetic when it comes to decorating your home? You shouldn’t have to give that up when it comes to decorating for the holidays. This Easter, bypass that green cellophane grass and pastel… everything! Grab a few simple supplies and eggs of course, and you will be ready for a handmade, modern Easter.
modern easter eggs colorful