It’s game time

Let the hype begin!

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The Big Game is close and we know you, you want to throw an awesome party and have fun with it, what we love most about this season is the halftime show (just kidding, we also watch some of the game, right?)  No matter if you’re a diehard Seahawks fan or your blood is blue, red and you love Tom Brady. This is the type of day when you make great appetizers and fire up your grill, so you will have time to watch Katy Perry halftime show, laugh at the commercials and celebrate the big win.

Tailgating in Style with Claiborne & Lime

How do you make tailgating female friendly (read: a little more elegant?) Antoinette of Claiborne & Lime has been sharing so much lovely entertaining advice, recipes, and styling tips and is back to share with us just one more stunning party: you guessed it, a tailgating party! She NAILED making it a dream for both guys and girls! There’s the typical fare: sliders, drinks, and football, but the sophistication and chic factor are turned way up!


tailgating 2

tailgating 3

tailgating 4

Bring it on 2015!

2015 manifesto

It’s almost 2015, we are sitting here writing our New Year’s resolutions. It’s been an amazing year filled with great typography, lots of stitching, bright colors and monograms plus amazing food, drinks and people. Now it is time to plan for the next year and we’re focusing on being well, being healthy and ready to break old habits. So we are ready for 2015 with our manifesto and we invite you to share yours with us!

2015 M+G Manifesto

Be well and shine: exercise and eating healthy makes you live longer, makes your skin brighter and improves your mood (like when you’re shopping for a new bag)

Ready, Set… Celebrate!


Hosting during the holiday season can be a handful, you need to coordinate, prep, cook and on top of everything: ENJOY! It can be a difficult task, but we are here to give you some tips so you can host with style:

Put it in writing: Make lists for everything you need to do, from grocery shopping to sitting arrangements, everything in writing makes your life easier.

Make it personal: if you’re hosting for the first time make sure to “leave your mark” Use monogrammed napkins, fun trays, mix and match. We love our Typographer’s Linen Dinner Napkins

Must-Try Entertaining Tips for the Holidays

entertaining tips

We shared the stunning and magical Friendsgiving celebration from Antoinette of Claiborne + Lime this week! Antoinette also shard some entertaining tips she uses to get through the holiday season while keeping things oh-so-chic and we wanted to pass these brilliant tips-and-tricks on to you!

Here are some of our faves:

entertaining tips 3

  • The Box…think outside of it! Holiday events, though fun, can become repetitive. So to avoid that usual dinner get together, create a theme for the gathering and allow for some unexpected touches. Just because you’re having a holiday meal does not mean you have to decorate with only red and green (actually please don’t do that).