Lets hear it for Dad!

Moms are always in our hearts, but it’s time to celebrate Dad, he’s always lifting us up no matter our age, he was our first playdate and our hero.We shared some of our favorite gifts to celebrate him with our Father’s Day Gift Guide. We’re getting so inspired with our Fathers Day Ideas pinterest board too. We just ❤️ dad.

Now we want to know your favorite piece of dad’s wisdom that changed your life.


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Trés chic monogram moment


This room is beautiful blue china come to life! We love that one piece can be the inspiration for a whole room! The traditional china hangs in the wall as an art piece that adds fun pattern-on-pattern touch with the wallpaper.

The china was mostly likely a family treasure. The decorator wanted to honor traditional by hanging the heirloom artfully on the wall and even mimicking the patterns and color found in antique china.

The monogrammed bed also pays homage to family ties by displaying the family last name with pride on the linens!
It is blue and white perfection!

Beach Bound: Pack the perfect picnic basket

Let’s face it, picnics are better on the beach! The combination of the cool sea breeze, the warm sun, and digging your toes into the sand can’t be beat while you nibble on picnic fare. We love packing are baskets full of easy finger foods and simple salads. A full pitcher of a tasty drink like lemonade or sangria is key for for keeping your thirst quenched. Food and drink aside, there are other staples are needed for a successful picnic. Click Read More below for our essential picks for a beachside picnic.

patriotic picnic

Picnics are better when you keep it simple, but some supplies are necessary:

We {love} Royal Monograms


You are aware of our love for monograms, they’re the essence of a name and they can mean many things: the beginning of a family or your individuality.  Monograms are expressing something modern, and at the same time full of curves and small details giving a regal feel.


First, let’s define monogram: “a motif of two or more interwoven letters, typically a person’s initials, used to identify a personal possession or as a logo”  A few centuries back different monarchies decided it to mark their armory with their initial.  But in the Victorian era — during the reign of the British Queen Victoria — the tendency really kicked off and monograms turned into symbols of aristocracy.

5 de Mayo, join the Fiesta!

Señores y señoritas, join us for Margaritas.

You can make the best of this incredibly colorful celebration without investing lots of time, we put together a list of useful tips to make this holiday a real Mexican Fiesta:

Taco Bar: fire up your grill, set a beautiful table and make it a taco bar, some tortillas {flour and corn, please} Carne asada, grilled chicken, salmon, avocado, onions and every imaginable topping, don’t forget the habanero sauce, you’ll need it. Check  Williams-Sonoma Taste blog for more ideas.



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